How Can Staying Hydrated Boost the Immune System?

How Can Staying Hydrated Boost the Immune System?

How often do you drink your water? Water can do great things to your body. One is boosting your immunity, thus keeping you healthy and energized. Drinking water can enhance your overall immunity. When you’re hydrated, it helps your body eliminate toxins and bacteria that lead to infections.

When you drink water, nutrients and oxygen are well distributed in your body and unwanted material is excreted out of the body effectively. This helps keep diseases away.

How can people use water to enhance immunity?

Your immunity determines how healthy your body is and its ability to fight infections. Water is a natural, versatile immune enhancer. You can take advantage of it to improve your overall well-being and health. Experts say that 3.7 liters (15.5 cups) is the appropriate daily amount for an average healthy adult.

Benefits of hydrating to the immune system

You can hydrate your body in many ways other than your typical glass of water. Although water is healthy and delicious in its natural form, it’s not a bad idea to be creative sometimes.

Consider adding lemons to water. Lemons are an excellent Vitamin C source that enhance immunity, fight colds, and act as an antioxidant that can protect your cells and thus enhance the health of your skin. The combination of water and lemons can also help in detoxification and digestion.

Adding some taste to your water can make it more appealing and make you drink it more frequently. Hydration helps the body by

Flushing out toxins and oxygenating the blood

When you drink enough water, your blood has sufficient oxygen for every cell. This oxygen supply can help the systems in your body function well. When your organs and muscles work well, it can boost your immune system.

Furthermore, a hydrated body has kidneys that eliminate toxins as well as cells that can absorb nutrients and excrete waste materials. Conversely, dehydration allows toxins to build the body, which can weaken immunity.

Boosting our immune systems

Did you know that your body’s immune system produces lymph, a fluid that removes bacteria and monitors tissue in our body? If you don’t hydrate, you could have inadequate amounts of lymph, which could compromise your immune system.

Lymph has the following body functions:

  • Removes toxins from the blood
  • Transports nutrients and water to the blood and cells
  • Carries immune system cells from the bone marrow and thymus and distributes them throughout the body

Keeping our mouth and eyes clean

Staying hydrated ensures that your mouth and eyes stay moist. It allows them to repel dust, dirt, and tiny organisms that could produce infections.

Aiding with digestion

Proper nutrition is another way to strengthen your immunity. When you take enough water, it helps your digestive system stay healthy and digest food well. Failure to drink enough water can cause sluggish bowel function, which could produce painful cramps and constipation.

Treating and preventing common chronic diseases

Consuming enough water helps you stay healthy in the long run. You can treat or even prevent some illnesses by staying hydrated. Some medical issues you can address by drinking water include:

  • Sleep deprivation – Brains requires adequate water to produce melatonin, a substance that promotes sleep.
  • Mental health – A lack of sufficient water can lead to reduced levels of serotonin, which can regulate mood, enhance memory and learning, and encourage social behavior.
  • Joint problems and arthritis – Consuming water and other fluids can help lubricate joints.
  • Lymphoma and leukemia – Adequate water levels promote immunity, which can help ward off disease.
  • Addiction – Drug and alcohol addiction centers ensure that their clients receive enough water and healthy foods to help them regain their strength and help them boost their immune systems.

How much water do you need to consume in a day?

Replenishing fluids in the body is a positive thing. Fluid intake varies for different people, depending on their health conditions, age, physical activities, medications, and other factors.

Although it’s common advice to drink eight glasses of water a day, that might not be the ideal amount for everyone. Water intake depends on the individual. For example, if you’re an athlete or staying in a hot environment, your need for water increases.

Stay hydrated and try to consume water frequently throughout the day. Try to be consistent, especially if you’re vomiting or have diarrhea, fever, or other conditions that could lead to dehydration.

There’s no magic trick to staying hydrated or enhancing your immune system. You need to consume plenty of water or other fluids, since hydration plays a crucial role in fighting and preventing chronic illnesses. Besides consuming enough water, manage your stress levels, follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get sufficient sleep. Your body will thank you.

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